Animal’s Health is our mission.

Pet food

This sector represents our biggest market and we have in fact a very wide range of products, in order to give the biggest possible choice, both for the production of dry food and also for the wet food.

We have divided the products in 4 families to make the search of the product you are interested easier.

Animal proteins

These are all the meals obtained from by-products of earth animals (Cat. 3).

Fish proteins

These are all the meals obtained from by-products of aquatic animals (Cat. 3).

Other ingredients

These are no-meat proteins obtained from the processing of potatoes, brewer, soybean and milk.

Frozen by-products

These are animals by-products directly obtained from the best Italian slaughterhouses, which are immediately processed and frozen, in order to maintain the characteristics of the product unchanged.

Fats and oils

These are all the fats and oils obtained from pressuring of animal by-products (Cat. 3).

B&F Italia takes into very high consideration the wellness of dogs and cats.

This is for this reason that every proposed product is the result of a very careful selection in terms of quality, nutrition and digestibility.

B&F Italia wants to show you the lasts arrivals of our products line.

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