Animal’s Health is our mission.

About us

B&F Italia is an Import & Export Company focusing on wholesale of Animal By-Products (Cat. III) intended for the animal nutrition sectors: Pet Food industry, Aquaculture and Livestock Feed Industry.

In the lasts years, thanks to the efforts, to the innovations and to the investments, B&F Italia grown exponentially. Nowadays, the company structure is as follows:

2 warehouses, for a total capacity exceeding 2000 mq; 

1 rendering plant with which we have developed a fruitful cooperation; this partnership allows us to produce Processed Animal Proteins by transforming the offal we supply to them.

1 operating plant where we can load with different packaging:

  • in big bags;
  • in bulk (walking floor and silo-truck);
  • in 25 kg paper bags.

With these improvements, B&F Italia can satisfy every request of the customers.

The company handles more than 1000 tons of raw materials per month in 14 EU nations, by buying from selected suppliers and selling to more than 60 customers in the animal nutrition business.

B&F Italia, as well as its suppliers, works in full compliance with the European Veterinary regulations for the production, storage, and transportation of the offered products (Reg. Eu 1069/2009).

B&F Italia informs that we are open and operating as always, despite the delicate moment. 

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