Because quality starts from ingredients.


The main goal of BF Italia customers is promoting their brand, displaying products which can meet the increasingly demanding requirements of the Italian and European market.

B&F Italia endorses this policy and is able to satisfy any requests, supplying its customers from the most common raw materials to the rarest ones.

Customers can select from a wide products catalogue, which is the result of years of selection, analysis and audits at B&F Italia’ several suppliers.

B&F Italia strongly believes that animal by-products are a raw material with a great potential and it is constantly committed to express it at Its best. This goal, together with the need to follow the supply chain step by step, is fully expressed in its animal protein and fats production.

B&F Italia’ products are successfully used in and petfood, aquaculture e livestock fields, click here to find the complete list.

“Quality starts from ingredients”


Beef Meal

Pork Meal

Greaves Meal

Poultry Meal

Poultry Meal Low Ash

Hydrolised Poultry

Turkey Meal

Duck Meal

Goose  Meal

Quail Meal

Lamb Meal

Whole Eggs Powder

Horse Meal

Rabbit  Meal

Ostrich Meal

Deer Meal

Elk Meal

Reindeer Meal

Wild Boar Meal

Buffalo Meal

Poultry Fat


Fish Meal

Herring Meal

Salmon Meal

Hydrolised Salmon

Tuna Meal

Cod Meal

Trout Meal

Squid Meal

Shrimps Meal

Krill Meal

Fish Oil


Potato Protein

Potato Starch


Peas Protein


Dried Fruits/Vegetable

Soy Oil


Frozen Rabbit

Frozen Deer

Frozen Wild Boar

Frozen Fish

Frozen Lamb

Frozen Beef

Frozen Pork

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