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About us

B&F Italia Srl is a leading company in animal feed market which has been producing and selling raw materials of animal and vegetable origin for several years.

Founded as a company dealing mainly with Pet food industries, B&F Italia has now become a reference point and has expanded its area of action to aquaculture and livestock industries.

The core business of B&F Italia is related to protein meals, obtained by processing meat and fish by-products and, thanks to the great network of commercial collaborations, it counts on a wide range of raw materials for the production of all types of feed, from Standard to Super premium lines.

The technical and professional experience of the staff is the key element for the creation of a synergic relationship with both our customers and suppliers, in a view of common growth which creates benefits to everyone.

B&F Italia constantly works to diversify and optimize both products and the services offered, enhancing the needs of the customers coherently with the corporate’s values.

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