Because quality starts from ingredients.


This sector represents B&F Italia’ Core Business and it is the result of years of research, selection, development and improvement carried out directly on the field.

It is a dynamic process, which goes at the same pace with customers’ needs and constantly in line with the evolving market trends.

Products for dry Pet Food Standard and Premium

The creation of an international structured network of collaborations with both customers and suppliers has allowed the development of a wide range of animal and vegetable raw materials which can be used both for Standard petfood production and for Super premium lines.

  • Proteins and fats of animal origin
  • Fish proteins and oils
  • Vegetable origin products: sources of protein, starches and fibres.

Products for Wet Petfood

As for the wet petfood premium line BF Italia has developed a service that focuses on the direct relationship with several highly qualified slaughterhouses, providing its customer meat processing by-products, frozen in plates or blocks.

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