Because quality starts from ingredients.



It’s difficult to find some kind of animal proteins and fats on the market.
B&F Italia knows how important is, for the customer, to be different from the others thanks to particular products and exclusive recipes.

Only raw materials with features in line with the inner selection requirements are used in B&F Italia’s  production.

Every step of the supply chain is under control and B&F Italia’s staff constantly puts efforts into the improvement of the nutritional characteristics of the products, thanks to the collaborations with its partners’ innovative rendering plants.


After the production, the products are transferred to the authorized warehouses in Lombardia, for storage, packaging and distribution services to both Italy and the European community.


Selection, monitoring and distribution of the products is not the only aspect to which B&F Italia’ efforts are directed.

A high focus is maintained on the latest market trends, offering new products and collaborating with the costumer in the creation of innovative products.

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